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tv   News  ABC  November 3, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EST

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a series of rapes has the city concerned. >> and the death of a 2-year- old. and. and exciting. >> how are you feeling0en this? >> just before and let's go to justin and look at the weather. >> and and a clear start with fog. once we get through the next couple of hours. and who has not and looking for
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sunshine and clouds midto the late afternoon. >> and it will be the warmest day of the work week turning cooler after this. what eltalk about that in a bit. and now we have traffic. >> traffic is starting to build and heavy here on the west side of liberty road. the slow down through the baltimore national pike. we have speeds down there as well. and fog warnings posted and that's going to be at the memorial bridge. use caution as you cross there this morning. and westbound eastern boulevard. right lane is ticking away because of a water main break repair. and a report of two crashes. >> use caution. this is going to be fayette and
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st. paul. back to you. 6:31. if you leave your home we have a warning from police, know were you surroundings. police are look forge a criminal who is wanted in connection with a string of rapes. and linda so has more. >> reporter: the string of rapes has police stepping up patrols and warning groups. recent attacks happened near bus stops. they believe the cases are related. the suspect that then add woman rating for the bus. she was raped in a field nearby. then on saturday morning a woman in here 50s was raped. she was waiting for a bus. police are investigating several other rapes that may be linked to break whys. where a number of those the suspect has climbed up the fire escape and through a window.
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>> we have established a specialized deployment. we'll financed out who he is. >> police say that the rape victim has not given a usable description of attackers. if you have information call the baltimore city police at 410-396-2076. live at city police objection. police say it was an unfortunate accident now police are mourning the death of a boy. he was playing when he had a cord of a curtain around his neck. he was not breathing and died at the hospital. neighbors on valley park say the boy was a joy to be around. >> he was so friendly hi, ho. >> bringing balls. he was adorable. they're the nicest people.
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i cannot imagine what they are going through, the family members were. there it is not a case of abuse or neglect it is a tony blair accident. the death has been ruled an accident. the body will have an autopsy completed. imagine telling someone were you mentored by the first lady. some students will get the chance as the first lady kicks off the leadership and men toring initiative. the goal is to second highers and work at the white house. >> i want kids, young people in this nation to know that when they think of the white house, they think of a place that's open to them. a place where people care about your development and want to be a part of your growth and invest in you as a resource.
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a teacher whats shocked when she received a 2 $5000s cash price. she had no idea she was receiving it in front of the cool. >> the teacher is... [ applause ] >> i was asking the teacher if he had to apply for this if individual teachers thought it out. >> you don't have to apply. congrats to her. that's awesome. the foundation i. providing awards to elementary and secondary teachers. principals and others who are constituenting excellence. that's great. a show that many say accurately
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captures baltimore. >> ing will be using it to learn more about urban life. a new phone are is met up application for everything. >> we get ourselves a chilly and clear warning. and 39 trees now. we're looking for afternoon clouds. >> we have heavy traffic. and pretty much between 795 and the unusual like. will have a report next. >> good morning the commute is a good one out there. heading out it light rail or the metro subway. they're on time. 5:13. and the others are operating on time.
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this is out of a james bond movie. this is an application that lets you drive a car using your cell phone. and the researchers demonstrated it in germany. it is driving around but there is nobody in e driver's seat. >> that does not sound safe. a showdown over a lottery ticket. willie willis met with officials over a winning ticket ta was bought in may. a clerk said it was a 2-dollar winner and cashing in the prize
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for himself. the clerk has not been seen since. he had opens into getting the meeting the commission did not recognize him as a winner. >> it was like they stole from me. >> police discovered about 36 $5000s from the accounts but the court system will have to determine if the recovered money will go to willis. awould, is a hot button issue. >> a bill is angering those who do not perform them. the story is coming up. a chilly morning here. temperatures 50 the 60s. and pachy fog. there is more traffic after this.
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on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%, which some proposals would do.
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call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more.
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(onoi s ngtechnology identifies the areas you put the most pressure on, then recommends the right custom fit orthotis, guaranteed th's why footcare scientists are behind it. for locations, see good morning, maryland. aide police are telling us about a series of rapes across the city. we're live at police
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headquarters. pregnancy clickics ma i have to tell what happens behind closed doors. and meeting on the campus of harvard. and the stories and more coming up and meantime good morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's look at weather. >> reporter: the view is nice increasing daylight. we have a clear sky. there is fog. up york road and right now we're looking at clear skies. temperatures ranging from the 30s to the 40s. fog especially north avenue west. that will increase clouds and bring cooler temperatures. no the going to do more. a air mass.
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look for a sunny morning. increasing clouds. and reaching 61. we dropped to 35 degrees and tomorrow we get another round of clouds now to the roads. >> reporter: we have increased volume that's a decontribute slow down. you can expect to see 795 slow. between white marsh and the 695- 895 split. we have speeds there as well. and use caution as you make your way across the bridge and at me usa a avenue. north bound at 197. we have a crash that blocks the left lane.
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it could be two accidents. thatet gos you backed up. and take a look here. northern parkway. making your way southbound. pack to you. >> developing story. people feel save in their homes. a rapist is entering homes. we go to police headquarters with how the police are linking the attacks together. >> reporter: police have a person of interest in connection with the racism. and they are investigating two others that happened year bus stops. they believe the case as related. early on friday police say that a man threaten the 20-year-old. and less than a mile away a
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woman in here 50s was raped. police are investigating several other rapes that may be linked to break ins wearing a number of the cases. and the suspect has climb climbed through a window. it has a lot of women on edge. >> i better on on quart. i work in the evening i come through here. >> i was at the stop by myself and not speak to inanyone. try to get while it is day time. >> police say they do not have a usable description. we're live at city police headquarters. 6:48. police at university of maryland are offering a 25,000caler yas -- dollars
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reward. miss say it happened at a home on dickson efficient. the suspects ma i have come through an open window or door. they are being warned to look their doors at night. that is nerve-racking not know hog comes in late and locks the door. who they bring only. the and a male and dark eyes and small build. police arrested two people in connection with a shotting that happened at a party in howard county. 22-year-old devon. it done and 21-year-old dean industry remember charged in the bath. the shooting happened in the 11,000 block.
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in columbia. they found his body in the driveway. another was found in the basement in critical condition. he will survive but he may be allised. dupon is charged with murt teamed murt and is charged as an accessory. this is big business news here in baltimore. black and decker has been caught by a-- another temperature, they have been around for 99 years it will afree to a purchase by stanley. a spokesperson some employees could ruiz their job. the corporate headquarters will be had con hit cut. and the power fool division will remain in towson. there is a conference we'll we'll be on and report the latest, the details at 9:00. we'll have more on the future of black and decker.
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and we could lose a for tune 5 hun-company. this is what we have. >> and black and becker at 48 red join us at 9:00 for more on the future. block and ven. you can find us0en facebook aide getter and how you feel about the nearing. >> workingworking0en it. add for 15 tons ta lace energy continuings and move ahead with the deal to sell part of the assets to a french power company. it include as one time 110 in to million. movement toward a bill that
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helps the unemployed. it would extend wests and examineds the tax credit through june. it provides tax relief. it will be voted on this week. women need one dose of the h1n1 vaccine. they were showing a bursting response. baltimore county has a limited supply of vaccine and holding an appointment i]only clipping. the. the first is today at 2:00 from 11 to 7. of ve unfortunate just for that. callle 8 -- and that'ss where you can make an atonement and given the dress with your time. >> apportion is an issue that
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gets people heated up. >> the council is asking questions that to not perform don't let them know they don't. the council aboveed a nail would require clinics that do not purchase abortions to put up signsit ting the political. it was voted on. it affects four clinics. and the president introduced the legislation after meeting with owe rate rates to provide inaccurate information. a i portion rights opponents say the bill targets the- believers. u the bill requires the commissioner to moist centers when there is a complaint again them.
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they have 10mys to it is the first of its wind. it could face for amendments. >> thank you very much. 7 minutes from 7:00. you pay 50,000 a year to attend a college on the face of the earth. question what you can take. >> what. >> the our is about to come a can course. it will be nought. and doctor wilson thinks that is giving an understanding the urban life. talk and middle bury offer courses on the tire. hollywood is making a movie about facebook. they are a jean jam pa. and in the filling t is about
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mark zucer berg who has the idea of facebook. the crew will wrap up fill. filming today. it got for the economy economy. if you were hoping to see just sin bell bare lane. good morning, 6:55. areas of fog this morning otherwise a sunny morning give way to includes. we dropped to 35. and caroll county and howard. held to 54. a flurry on wednesday morning. mid30s to 4 tos. 51 on friday and gate.
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we have building volume around the area. it will be heavy in some spots. here you can expect to see a slow down between 795 and the tick. -- pike. a new crash southbound # 5 at highway blocks the should ir. a water main break repair. 295 and nut 137. , we he hope you join us because after good morning america is good morning maryland at #k. more at 3:30.
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